Welcome to Shrpa!

Welcome to Shrpa – We are so glad to have you!

We are a travel platform that is all about making it fun and easy to share and discover adventures in your community. We work with tourism bureaus and organizations in communities of all different sizes to bring adventure to their area. We make coordinating collaborations with travel content creators an easier and quicker streamlined process for tourism organizations. Not only do we make collaborations simple, we enable our customers to invite engaged members of their community to share their perspectives, allowing for a diverse set of voices to highlight what makes their community amazing!

Our Communities

Communities can purchase a subscription to Shrpa that unlocks a certain number of collaborations and adventures featuring their community. Subscribers have access to Shrpa’s amazing team of content creators who visit communities and create fun & engaging adventures from their experience. Shrpa is also a tool to invite active members of your community to create adventures on Shrpa. Sometimes the best adventures are created by those most passionate about your community.

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Our Creators

Shrpa creators are people who love to travel and build adventures on shrpa.com. Anyone and everyone can become a creator on Shrpa and start creating adventures in their area. Shrpa has restrictions around becoming a paid content creator and only collaborates with those who create the highest quality adventures on Shrpa.

Our Travelers

Shrpa takes travelers beyond the review sites and star ratings by providing a full travel experience that delivers a simple and approachable way to explore
somewhere new. There are so many things to do and places to explore right near you. Shrpa highlights local experiences for travelers to discover.

Is Shrpa in your community yet? Contact us today, and we will bring the adventure to your area!