How to Navigate

In this article, you will learn how to navigate your:

Admin Dashboard

  1. Sign in to
  2. Go to your “Dashboard” tab next to your profile picture.

On the dashboard, you will find access to paid collaborations, community engagement, updating your community page, site integration, and the QR codes available. You can view the analytics of your adventures, as well as view all of your community’s Shrpa photos.

Community Photos

  1. Go to your Admin Dashboard (read how above)
  2. Select your photos page from the left side navigation.
  3. View the photos larger and/or as a slide show by clicking on the image.
  4. Download photos of interest using the arrow icon in the top right corner when zoomed out.
  5. When zoomed in, right click on the photo and select “save image as”

Make sure to give credit to the creator, whose name can be found at the top of the box. View the adventure of the photo you are downloading by clicking the title of the adventure.

Collaboration Requests

  1. Click the “ ” menu next to your profile picture
  2. Select your Paid Collaborations
  3. Select “Initiate a Collab.” (If you have already set up a collaboration and you want to set up another one, select “+ set up another collab.”)
  4. Fill out all of the details for the collaboration and choose and remember, 1 collaboration will line up 1 shrpa creator to create 4 adventures in your community.

Community Engagement

  1. Click the “…” menu next to your profile picture
  2. Select Community Engagement
  3. Provide guidance for the 1 creator, or the multiple creators that you plan to invite under “Creator Guidance.” This includes themes, and any businesses or locations you want the adventures to cover.
  4. Invite the community member(s) you provided guidance for by entering their email under “Invite Community Member”
  5. Select “Continue to Admin Site” to see the status of the invitations sent to your community creators as well as the adventures they create.

Collaboration Coordination

Fill out your collaboration details

  1. Initiate a collaboration (read how above)
  2. Fill out your collaboration details and give guidance to the creator for these adventures (read how here)
  3. Hit “save” and select “next”

Select the creator you want to work with

  1. Monitor the application you receive to your collab by returning to your “Paid Collaborations” tab and selecting the specific collaboration from the drop down menu
  2. Of the creators who apply, you are able to choose who you want to collaborate with. 
  3. The creators who are not chosen will receive emails notifying them of this.