What is an Adventure?

Adventures are complete itineraries that feature multiple locations from the perspective of the creator. Adventures include the “Preview” that shows what the adventure entails and each individual “Stop.”

What is a stop?

Stops are the individual businesses, attractions, or activities that are featured within an adventure. They include descriptions, photos, videos, pro tips, links to their website, and even an address for simple navigation as a traveler.

What is a collaboration? What is a creator visit?

Collaboration and creator visits on Shrpa are the same thing—the opportunity to invite a travel content creator to visit your destination, experience it firsthand, and create four (4) adventures based on their experiences.

Each creator visit starts with a destination outlining the type of content they want covered during the visit. Interested creators can then apply for the opportunity. The destination will then select the creator they wish to work with based on who they believe is the best fit for their content.

How far away do the content creators come from?

Creators are able to specify the boundary that they would like to travel to to complete collaborations. Creators are normally within a half day’s drive from your location.

Who can become a content creator?

Anyone! We want to allow destinations to work with creators of all different backgrounds, interests, and experience levels. With that being said, we do require that creators show the ability to create quality content through their portfolio creation process. In addition, we work with our creators both before and during their visit to make sure they are successful the first time and every time!

Is there an expectation for content creators to post to their social media when visiting our destination?

Yes. Creators are required to make at least one social media post highlighting their visit. However, we find that creators usually go well beyond that. They are content creators because they like to share their experiences with their audiences, so that is a fairly common occurrence for them to do more than required.

Can we ask creators to edit/improve their adventures?

Shrpa’s platform incorporates AI editors to help all of our creators build the best adventures. In addition, all creator visit adventures have an additional step to be reviewed by our internal team to ensure that adventures are up to the expectations of our destinations.

Finally, as part of the creator visit process, destinations have the ability to make minor fixes and can also request larger updates from the creator before the adventures are published.

Are creators expected to stay overnight in our community as part of the collaboration?

Yes. Creators are expected to visit at least ten (10) locations in your community and create four (4) multi-stop adventures from those experiences. We have found that taking two (2) full days in the community helps creators deliver the best results.

Can we move up to the next level of subscription in the same year?

Yes. If you find that you need more creator visits, photo walls, etc. you can upgrade your subscription while keeping the same renewal date by paying the difference between your current and new subscription.

How many adventures can we add to our Adventure Wall?

Unlimited. You have full control of which adventures show on the adventure walls you create and the order that they display.

How many photos can we add to our Photo Wall?

Unlimited! You can add as many photos as you like. These photos can come from adventures, community uploads, or photos you upload.

Should we give attribution to the individuals who took the photos?

We always suggest that you give attribution to the creators. The creators appreciate it, it helps to provide social proof of your destination, and if you give attribution on social media, it leads to more engagement.

Can we communicate additional information to the creators we choose for a creator visit?

Yes, after selecting the creator you want to work with, you can contact them through the platform to coordinate your details. We make it super easy to communicate!

What content do we get the rights to?

As a subscribing destination, you get the right to use photos, videos, descriptions, and full adventures from any of the adventures created within your boundaries. In addition, you have ongoing rights to the content from your creator visits.

Is Shrpa attempting to drive more traffic to our website?

Shrpa is built to get you more content to use in all of your marketing channels. When they do click through to adventures on our site, we are always working to help them find more content in your destination or push them back to your site. We want you to be the primary source for travelers to discover while we help you get the best content to help with that discovery.

What happens if no creators apply to my opportunity?

That very rarely happens. Usually, it is because the time range specified for the creators to visit or the niche of the content is too narrow. In the few cases where this has happened, we work with communities to find ways to make the visit work for more of our creators.

How many photos and videos should I expect from a creator visit?

Each creator is different, but the average is around 70 photos and 5+ videos.