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Shrpa Collaborations:

Connecting Content Creators and Destinations

Shrpa has a simple, streamlined process!

How collaborations work:

Step 1: Apply to Collaborate with a Destination.

You will be notified of the available opportunities in your region. You can apply to work with the destinations of your choice.

Step 2: You are chosen to collaborate!

From your application, the destination may choose you to work with! There may be lots of other applicants so always put your best foot forward.

Step 3: Plan & coordinate the details for your visit.

Start getting ready for your visit to the destination by getting in touch with the person of contact and begin planning your itinerary.

Step 4: Visit & experience 10+ places in the destination!

Enjoy your visit! Take lots of photos, videos, and notes of your time there. Experience everything the destination has to offer!

Step 5: Create 4 adventures from your trip.

After your visit, start creating your 4 adventures on Shrpa! Follow the theme and guidance given.

Step 6: Get Paid!💸

Get paid for your adventures! After they're live on Shrpa, you can cash out!

How to become eligible to collaborate:

It's easy to become eligible to collaborate on Shrpa. In fact, you can start collaborating with destinations in your region TODAY!

Create a portfolio of 4 adventures

Fill out the collab details on your profile

And you're ready to go!


Interested in learning more?

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