Frequently Asked Questions

What are my next steps to join the network?

Your next steps would be:

  1. Create an account on Shrpa and start filling out your profile!
  2. Try creating an adventure and see how easy and user-friendly our process is. Get a feel for what it’s like to create an adventure on Shrpa.
  3. Start building a portfolio of 4 adventures so that communities who want to work with you can see the adventure you create and what you’re interested in.
  4. After your first 4, you are ready to collaborate! Fill out your collaboration fields on your profile and keep an eye on your email for notifications of opportunities to apply to collaborations available near you!

The only requirement for joining the network is to create 4 adventures to complete your portfolio – it’s as easy as that! Learn more about creating an adventure here.

How do I get collaborations? Do you contact me with opportunities?

Creators can apply to work with the communities in your region! Once you are eligible for paid collaborations, you will receive email notifications about the available collabs near you. Then, you can review the collab details and information before choosing to apply or decline the opportunity.

Additionally, our partner communities can invite you specifically to collaborate! You may receive a direct invite to collaborate via email. You can review the collab details and information before choosing to accept or decline the opportunity.

How do communities select the creators they want to work with?

On your application, all of your collaboration fields will be visible to the community you want to work with. So be sure to fill those out in detail! When applying, you will also be able to leave a note for the community, so use this space to share why you’re a great fit for the collaboration.

Communities will choose the creator they want to work with from the selection of creators who applied for the collab.

Communities also have a list of all of our paid creators within their area they can send invites to. To help them determine the best options, they will review your adventures to get a feel for your writing and photography styles.

Are there any requirements on the number of collaborations I do or the adventures I create?

Nope! You are welcome to apply for as many or as few collaborations as you would like. The only requirement for collaborating with communities is that you’ve completed 4 adventures on Shrpa.

How frequently will paid collaborations happen?

We have paid collaborations happening weekly. How often you are chosen depends on your location, the time of year, the number of adventures, the quality of your content, and your style of travel.

Do I set my own availability?

Yes! Only apply for collaboration opportunities that you are available for and interested in. If a particular season is a bit busier for you than others, no worries!

What kind of compensation do you offer?

Shrpa pays creators a flat rate for the 4 adventures they create for a collaboration. In addition, the creator will have an overnight stay covered for them. Any additional comped items or activities depend on the community you are working with and the resources they have available.

Our payment system is as follows:

  • For your 1st collaboration, $200
  • 2nd-4th collaboration, $225
  • 5th-7th collaboration, $250
  • 8th collaboration, $300
  • Shrpa will add $100 to your payment to cover a 1-night stay if the community is unable to comp lodging.

You can learn more about our payment policy here.

Is the collaboration payment supposed to cover everything that I do over the weekend?

Oftentimes, our communities are able to cover additional activities to give you the full experience in their community. The additional compensation depends on the budget and resources the community has available. Communities with larger budgets can comp more than those who are small organizations. You can review the additional items/activities covered by the community before applying or accepting a collaboration.

Additionally, think of the payment as more of a stipend to help pay for travel that you would already be doing anyway, but this way it’s a lot cheaper! A lot of our creators take frequent weekend trips, and when they have the opportunity to do that for a cheaper price, they’re usually super excited!

Is there a timeframe for when you need to post the adventures for a paid collaboration?

We ask that you have your adventures posted within 10 days of completing your collaboration.

When do I need to have my first four adventures created?

Whenever! We don’t have any specific time requirements. Once you’ve created your fourth adventure (and filled out your profile) you will be eligible for collaborations. However, there is no rush!

Once I create my 4 adventures, then what?

The platform will keep track of your progress. Once you create your adventures and fill out your collaboration fields on your dashboard, you will start receiving notifications for available collaborations within your region! Apply to any collab that you’re interested in.

Are there any restrictions regarding my content and photos? Can I use them on other platforms?

We do not have any restrictions about using your own content on your other platforms. You are more than welcome to create Shrpa adventures and write a blog post on your site with the same content! And we love when creators post about their Shrpa adventures on social media – share away!

(Just as long as it’s your own content)

Can my adventures overlap areas that people have already done, or do you want me to try to do new locations?

Totally fine to overlap areas! Even if you have one similar location in your adventure, everyone explores differently! We love different perspectives. Also, the other locations in the adventure will be different, and the overall theme will probably end up being different too. That’s why multistop adventures are so great! 

You have a lot of creators in the same location where I live… Is that okay?

Yes, because everyone has their own unique favorite local spots that they love and their own unique perspective! We love to have creators sharing hidden gems no matter where they are/their vicinity to others.

Additionally, our communities are looking to work with a variety of creators! Some of our communities will be doing 8 collaborations and want to work with new creators who have different perspectives. There’s room for everyone!

What communities do you work with?

We are working with communities throughout the Upper Midwest, but expanding nationally very quickly! View all of our communities here.

Can I edit my adventures?

Of course! Just head back to the “Create” area and you will see all of your past adventures that you are able to update. Click on the adventure tile to edit.