Explore with Video

Express your creativity as a content creator with video on Shrpa! Highlight destinations and land more collaborations. 

Collaborate with more destinations.

Capture the attention of communities through the video content in your portfolio and land more collaborations.

Grow your skills as a content creator.

Understand the importance of UGC video in the tourism industry and get more experience working with destinations on their video content.

Diversify your portfolio.

Build a balanced portfolio with a variety of content that reflects your creation style.

How to create videos that destinations love:

Get a variety of different angles and subject matter.

Include videos with people, as well as without! Try different angles and get creative while highlighting the best parts of your experience.

Keep your audience in mind.

Not only are you creating videos for your followers, you are creating video that the destination will want to share with their audience! 

Upload a combo of raw footage and edited video.

Add a variety of short clips as well as videos that are edited and ready to post!


More ideas on how to create great videos here.

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