Updated Subscription Packages

Updated Subscription Packages

Starting in November of 2022, we have simplified our offering with three packages targeted at the Starter, Weekender, and Destination markets. 

Why the update?  

We delivered multiple improvements to the Shrpa platform throughout 2022! We started it off with Collab Applications, helping destinations and creators find the absolute best fit for collaborations. We added Photo Walls and Share on Social, making sharing the inspirational content created for their communities even easier. Finally, with short-form video becoming necessary for destination marketing in 2023, we wrapped up the year by introducing video to the platform!

While bringing everything together to deliver a robust solution for destinations, we have chosen to simplify pricing. We wanted to ensure that all subscriptions have access to the full range of advantages that Shrpa can deliver. 

To help our destinations that are renewing, we will still offer the option to use the old pricing for a subsequent year. This allows our current customers to plan for any possible changes in plans or pricing they may want to plan for in the following years.