Tips for successful collaborations

Whether you’ve done collaborations with other brands in the past, or this is your first experience, we want to give you all the information you need to be successful. At Shrpa, we have a unique way of doing things, so we want to show you how to be most successful! 

Be a good communicator.

Be quick to respond and clear about the details, ask questions, and communicate if there’s a problem or if you need additional information.

Plan ahead.

Do a bit of research on the businesses the community recommends to find out when they’re open. Create a rough outline of an itinerary so that you can plan when and where you’re going to make sure you can squeeze it all in. This gives you time to ask the community important questions and make back-up plans in case certain businesses aren’t open.

Understand the expectations before accepting your collaboration.

Understand what the community is looking for out of the collaboration. Check what gear they want you to bring, what business and attractions they want you to visit, and the perspective they want you to write from. Be honest with yourself as to if you’re the right person for the collaboration. 

Next, understand what Shrpa’s expectations for the collaboration are. You can read through our expectations here, and our payment policy here. You will also be able to view these expectations when you are viewing the invitation. Understand what you are agreeing to in order to best prepare yourself.

Follow the guidance, but also explore what you want to explore.

Communities are asked to list both recommended activities as well as required activities that they want you to feature. Be sure to follow their guidance as best you can to ensure they are happy with the content you create for them. But we also want you to enjoy your travels and make them your own! Be sure to check out places in town that interest you and include them in your adventures. The community wanted your perspective on their town for a reason, so make this content your own!

Use others’ content as inspiration.

There is absolutely no harm in looking at other creators collaboration work and taking notes. See how other creators are doing it and find a way to add your own style! Additionally, look at past collaborations the community has done to see how other creators have featured the community. Take notes of the places they visited and the itineraries they put together to ensure yours are unique and take on a different perspective from the others. 

Focus on your photos and descriptions.

Reference case study* Communities want to share your adventures on their own channels with visitors and current residents alike. Be sure to take good photos of each location and write clear descriptions that engage readers. Communities will want to share your content with their audience if it is on-brand, engaging, and fun!