How to become a paid creator

Shrpa is the collaborations platform that connects travel content creators with visitor bureaus and local tourism organizations. Our creators have access to paid collaborations with our partner communities. So how can you become a paid creator with Shrpa?

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How to become a paid creator

Anyone can become a creator on Shrpa, but only our top content creators can become paid creators. So what’s considered being a “top content creator”?

Create a minimum of 4 adventures

Once you complete 4 adventures on Shrpa, you will be eligible for paid collaborations. You will be sent an email that notifies you to fill out your collaboration fields. You can find these fields by editing your profile, scrolling down, and hitting “save” once you add in your information.

Create quality adventures

Just because you created 4 adventures doesn’t mean you will automatically be chosen for paid collaborations. Communities like working with creators who create amazing adventures and select creators with great photos & descriptions. So make sure your adventures are fun, engaging, and well organized so that communities want to work with you!

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Create at least 1 adventure per month

In order to stay eligible for paid collaborations, every creator must create at least 1 non-paid adventure per month. If you do not create 1 adventure a month, your profile won’t be shown to communities.

What is a collaboration?

Collaborations are the trips Shrpa creators take to different communities to create adventures that highlight the best of their area. Anyone can create adventures on Shrpa, but our top content creators have the opportunity to collaborate with communities and become paid creators.

Collaborations consist of a few days or 1 weekend visiting a community. In that time, the creator will build 4 adventures that follow the themes and guidelines requested by the community they are working with.

Communities will choose the creator they want to work with, and the creator will either accept or decline the invitation to collaborate. Depending on the resources available to the community, a hotel will either be covered by the community, or Shrpa will add $100 to the creator’s payment for this collaboration. Additionally, the community may be able to cover more expensive activities so that they can be featured in the Shrpa adventures.

Themes for adventures and businesses are suggested to the creator by the community. The creator should use these suggestions as guidelines and complete as much as possible for their list but are not required to visit every location they were recommended. Creators have the freedom to explore more locations within the community they are interested in. If a community puts a high priority on a certain activity/business, they will put it under “required activities.”

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How to stand out among communities

Create amazing adventures – communities want to partner with creators who create the best adventures. Make sure your adventures use beautiful photos, have great descriptions, and are fun & engaging! You will instantly stick out communities if you are a skilled creator.

Keep your profile up to date – make sure your gear, adventure buddies, location, and more are all up to date on your profile so communities can find you as their perfect fit.

Stay active on – In order to stay on the community’s list of creators they can work with, the creator must create at least 1 non-paid adventure per month. Also, have seasonal adventures is important for communities who are viewing your content to decide if they want to work with you.