How to create an adventure

On Shrpa, anyone and everyone can create an adventure. Whether you want to share all of your favorite travel experiences, highlight 1 specific experience, create adventures for your own community, or participate in paid collaborations, Shrpa would love to have you as a creator on our team!

In this article, you will learn:

How to Navigate

  1. Go to and login.
  2. Click “create” in menu on the top right hand corner
  3. If you are creating your first adventure, you will be immediately taken to the content editor
  4. If you are not creating your first adventure, click the “+ Create a new Adventure” button

How to create an adventure

  1. Add all of your photos from the collaboration first. It’s okay if you don’t add them all right now, as you will be able to add them later.
  2. Enter the location of your stop. Make sure to select the autofilled address so that the location appears on the map.
    • If your stop doesn’t have an address, drag the Shrpa icon pin to it’s location to show where it is located.’
  3. Share what there is to do add the location, add a pro-tip, and add the website if it wasn’t already prefilled.
  4. Add more than 2 stops by clicking “next” and selecting “add another stop” when the pop-up appears.
  5. Add a cover photo, title, and “what to expect” on the adventure summary tab.
    • Don’t forget to include what the traveler should bring, how long it will take to do the adventure, and what category it falls under.
  6. Preview your adventure to see what it will look like on the site and make any necessary changes.
  7. Hit publish! If this is your first adventure, it will be reviewed by Shrpa before it is live.

How to edit an adventure

  1. Go to the “create” tab.
  2. Click on the image tile of the adventure you want to edit.
  3. Make your updates and hit “publish.”

What makes a good adventure

Great Photos

We all know that images are the best way to catch someone’s eye. Having great photos that reflect what a location is really like helps to make your adventure more engaging, and promote what it’s truly like to visit such a location.

Detailed Descriptions

Help the viewer know exactly what to expect if they want to partake in your adventure. Give them an idea of what the location is like, what you enjoyed about it, and focus on the positive experience. Writing details helps the reader understand what’s so special about the place you featured

.Focus on the positives

Shrpa is not a review site. We are not looking to find how many stars out of 5 you give a local restaurant or hiking trail. Viewers are turning to Shrpa to find the hidden gems and to hear from real people what makes each location worth exploring. If you didn’t enjoy the location, don’t feature it in your adventure or focus on the positives you did experience instead, while informing travelers on what they should expect in a positive manner.

Stick to Day Trip Itineraries

It can be hard to limit your weekend getaway, or week vacation down to a day trip, but Shrpa focuses on experiences that people can do within a few hours up to a full day. A Shrpa adventure allows you to feature between 2 and 7 stops. If you want to make a trip that highlights a full weekend or more than 7 stops, try turning your adventure into Part I and Part II.

Feature Specific Businesses & Locations

Shrpa adventures feature specific locations and businesses with a community, therefore the community itself should not be a stop in the adventure. For example, if you are looking to feature New York City, highlight the locations you visited and do not include New York City as it’s own stop. Viewers want to find those hidden gems through itineraries so tell them exactly where to go, rather than promoting the entire community to which they belong.

Feature Multiple Stops & Locations

Shrpa is built for itineraries, so it’s important to feature multiple stops. Adventures are anywhere between 2 stops and 7 stops. Make sure each stop you create features a new location so you take the viewers on a journey, rather then to a single location.

A full experience, rather than a list

The best adventures on Shrpa go beyond “The Top 10 Things…” lists by providing viewers with a full travel experience. This makes it easier and more approachable to explore somewhere new. Talk about the different locations you visited within an area and what your day was like, rather than trying to promote a single category of locations.

Examples of good adventures