Capture destinations through your video camera on Shrpa! Add short clips or fully edited videos to your adventure and showcase even more of your amazing content.

How to add video:

  • Create an adventure and add any video by selecting “Add photos or videos”
  • Depending on the length, the video may take a minute or two to upload.
  • Select the video from the library you want to add to a specific stop.
  • Select a Signature Video on the Summary page that will be the highlighted video of the adventure.

How to create great video content on Shrpa

Think about your audience: what will travelers in this destination connect with? What kind of content can you create that the local community will want to repost?

Variety of short & long clips: Change up the length of your videos. Take some short clips of the location, and a bit longer videos as well.

Variety in subject matter: Try to feature a variety of content in your videos. From videos of the scenery, to videos of people enjoying themselves.

Combine raw footage & edited video: Upload unedited videos that capture clips of each location, and use the Signature Video in the Summary as a way to highlight your whole experience with an edited video.