How to fill out creator visit details

  1. Visit your dashboard and select Creator Visit from the menu.

  2. Select the “Initiate a Creator Visit” orange button. (If you’ve done a creator visit before, this button will appear as “Set up another creator visit”)

  3. A pop-up will guide you through the important information needed to coordinate this visit.

Creator Visit Titletitle the opportunity as something that will allow you to differentiate the visit from the others you have done or will do. Remember, the creator will see this title – make it fun!

Preferred Timing – Indicate the range of dates when you would like to invite the creator to travel to your community. Let us know if you would prefer weekends, weekdays, or either.

Shrpa Tip: We suggest that you fill out the creator visit details at least 1 month before you want the creator to travel to your community. Keep in mind that the larger the date range, the more likely you will be able to find availability in creators’ schedules.

Themes Help give creators an idea of what types of adventures you want to highlight in your community. Some good examples may be “outdoorsy, girls trip, downtown shopping, food scene.” You can also think of this as the purpose of your creator visit.

Suggested Activities / Required ActivitiesHere is where you can give the creator recommendations for places to check out within your community. These are the area businesses, attractions, and activities that you would like to feature during this visit. Please indicate whether they are expensive activities and if you will be able to cover said activity. Any expensive activities are not guaranteed to be featured if the community cannot cover the expense.

Reminder: Creators are required to visit at least 10 locations in your community. Often they will visit closer to 15 or more locations.

Required gear to bring – Want to work with a creator that already has a bike or a kayak? Indicate that the gear is required so any creator you want to work with knows to bring said gear.

Lodging Details – Indicate whether your community will be able to cover an overnight stay. If your community can cover the hotel, would you like the creator to stay for 1 or 2-nights? If you are unable to cover the hotel, Shrpa will help the creator cover the cost.

Area boundariesLet the creator know how far out you want them to explore. If you have a community that covers a wide region, or if you want them to stay only within your town’s limits or anywhere in between! 

Reference Material – Are there any websites or materials you would like the creator to review before their visit?

Additional Notes – Here is where you can make a note of any additional information not communicated in the form above. Is there anything special the creator should know?

Creators have 10 days after visiting your community to create their 4 adventures. 
After the creator visit is complete, you can review the adventures and suggest any improvements before they go live.


We have created an entire page of inspiration and ideas for communities as they get started with their creator visit.