How does setting up collaborations work?

Paid collaborations are a fun and easy way to get the best UGC created with the focus you are looking for! Invite a regional content creator to your community to create amazing content to highlight what you want to be highlighted but from their perspective!

How does the process work? 

Communities can provide guidance for content creators to visit and experience specific locations within the area. This guidance tells creators what themes to focus on, what places to visit, activities to try, food to eat, and more. If a creaotr is interested in working with your community, they will apply for the collaboration. Once a creator is chosen for a collaboration and visits the community, they will create 4 adventures featuring 10+ locations.

Steps of a Paid Collaboration

1. Create the paid collaboration and fill out the details

All paid collaborations start by filling out the collab details. This is what creators will use to determine if they are a good fit. It is also what they will use to guide their travels and finally their content creation.

Here is an article that goes into more detail about that: Filling out collaboration details

2. Creators apply to collaborate

After you “Send to Creators,” the creators will have 7 days to apply to the collaboration. They will tell you why they think they are a great fit for the collaboration and exactly when they plan to visit. At the end of the 7 days, you get to pick who you want to work with!

3. Finalize the details

After choosing your creator, you will both have time to coordinate any final details and communicate before they make the trip to your community.

4. Creators experience your community 

They will travel to your community and experience it first hand while taking pictures and adequate notes on their experience. We require that they visit at least 10 locations. If you want to highlight an event and fewer locations, you will want to communicate that.

5. 4 adventures in your community are created

After visiting your community, they have 10 days to create the 4 adventures as part of your collaboration. Once they are completed, you will have the opportunity to review and suggest any improvements you would like.

Things to keep in mind!

  • We suggest that you fill out the collaboration details at least 1 month before you want the creator to travel to your community. 
  • Creators are required to visit at least 10 locations in your community. Often they will visit closer to 15 or more locations. 
  • Creators will use your guidance of the theme, and the suggested & required businesses/attractions/activities to determine where they will visit during their trip to your community.
  • Creators are paid a set amount for each paid collaboration. They will spend their money visiting your restaurants, businesses, and attractions. If there are any big-ticket items (over $50 is what we suggest), we require that you work with the business to have that activity covered if you want to require that they do it.
  • Creators have 10 days after visiting your community to create their 4 adventures. 
  • After the collaboration is complete, you can review the adventures and suggest any improvements before they go live.