How to set up a Photo Wall

In this article, you can find out how to:

  1. Go to the site integration tab from your community’s dashboard
  2. Scroll down and select the “New Photo Integration” button 
  3. Name your integration and start customizing!

Selecting your Photos

Beneath the “customize” settings, scroll through the adventures in your community to view and select the photos you would like to appear on your wall. Click on the photo, or on the checkbox in the upper right corner to add the photo to the wall. The order in which the photos are selected will determine the order they appear on your site (unless the “randomize photos” box is checked).

Uploading your Photos

Scroll past the code to copy into your website to the “Your Uploaded Photos” section. This is where you can upload any photos that you would like to add to your photo wall that isn’t already on Shrpa. Style your wall to be exactly how you want it!

Customizing your Photo wall

Select the “Customize” drop-down. You will be able to preview your photo wall at the top of the page.

Number of Rows

Choose the number of rows of photos you want to appear on your site and if you would like an option for users to view more rows. Or, choose the option to show all the photos you select. You will be able to preview these adjustments at the top of the page.

Photo Size

Adjust the size of the photos and how you want them to appear on your webpage (small, medium, or large).

Color Settings

The color settings will adjust the color of the “load more” button as well as the “See The Full Experience” button when clicking on the photo.

Add your photo wall to your website

Be sure to save all of your photo wall settings! Then, copy the line of code beneath the preview, and add it to your site! Easy as that! Now you can view all of your amazing Shrpa photos directly from your site and direct them back to your Shrpa adventures.