How to set up an Adventure Wall

Shrpa Adventure Walls are an easy and engaging way to highlight the local areas and attractions to travelers visiting your site! Directly link to adventure inspiration from your website. 

Table of Contents

Setting up an Adventure Wall

  1. Login to your Shrpa dashboard and select “Adventure Walls” under the Content Uses section.
  2. Click the “New Custom Adventure Wall” button
  3. Give your adventure wall a name and begin selecting the adventures you’d like to add by clicking on them.
  4. Arrange the adventures by dragging and dropping or choosing the “randomize adventures” toggle at the top.
  5. To add the adventure wall to your website, save your changes and scroll down to click “Copy the Code” to get the code snippet.

Adding your Adventure Wall to your website

  1. Option 1: from your main Adventure Wall page, select the “Copy the Code” button.
  2. Option 2: when editing your individual Adventure Wall, scroll to find the “Copy the Code” button towards the very bottom.
  3. Depending on your website host, paste the copied code into the appropriate section of your website where you want the adventure wall to appear.

For Example: using WordPress, it is just a matter of adding a “Shortcode” section and pasting the code you just copied:


Otter Tail Lakes Country


Explore La Crosse