How does Community Engagement work?

In this article, you will learn:

Steps to use Community Engagement:

  1. Invite community members to create adventures in your community –
    Go to your dashboard.
  2. Select Community Engagement
  3. Provide guidance for 1 creator, or the multiple creators that you plan to invite under “Creator Guidance.” This includes themes, and any businesses or locations you want the adventures to cover.
  4. Invite the community member(s) you provided guidance for by entering their email under “Invite Community Member”
  5. Select “Continue to Admin Site” to see the status of the invitations sent to your community creators as well as the adventures they create.

What is Community Engagement?

Community Engagement is a tool used to invite community members to create content in your community. Shrpa wants to help you engage with the members of your community and help you source more great content. We make it really simple to invite any members of your community to join you on Shrpa and create adventures highlighting your town.

Invited community members will receive a walkthrough of the process for creating adventures. We make it simple for you to invite people to Shrpa, and we make it easy for the people you invite to create great content!

Shrpa is about local adventures, and therefore, using local creators will help you get the very best content highlighting your community. Locals are the most passionate about your community, and many of them may be interested if they knew about this opportunity!

Utilize connections with adventurous business owners, bartenders, baristas, or active community members, and therefore we can showcase your community from a local’s perspective in the most valuable way.

How to give guidance to your community:

How to pick themes –

What demographic of people do you want to create adventures for? Do you want adventures created for families in your community? Couples? Young adults or empty nesters? Think about the age, race, gender, and interests of the people you want to partake on these adventures. Develop themes that would match these interests and appeal to your audience.
Ex: Outdoors, Family Fun, History, Arts & Culture

How to select businesses –

What makes your community stand out from the rest? Highlight the businesses and locations that reflect the true personality of your community and fit with the themes you want your adventures to cover. Share with other travelers just how amazing your area is by showing off the best you have to offer.
Ex: local coffee shops, breweries, restaurants, hiking trails, water sports

Keep in mind they’re volunteers –

Be gentle on the budget. Don’t ask for too much and understand that it is ultimately up to the creator to decide what they want to spend money on for these unpaid adventures.

Start off easy –

Suggest well known local spots for a new creator to try out first. This will give them a chance to try out making great content while they’re still getting the hang of it.

How to find creators in your community

Invite people to Shrpa who you think would enjoy it the most. Think about people who would be a good fit for creating content on Shrpa. Who do you think of in your community when you think of outdoor recreation, local shopping, or the dining scene? Here’s where you can start:

  1. Think through your personal contacts – who do you know in your network or social circle that may be a good creator on shrpa?
  2. Find people around your community – contact clubs and organizations in your community (ex: hiking club, biking club, moms groups, running clubs, farmers market groups, outdoors adventure groups)
  3. Work with your local businesses – baristas, bar tenders, and even business owners may love to explore and promote the local business in the area.
  4. Browse social media – search through popular hashtags in your town, as well as the locations of well known restaurants or locations.

Learn more about how you can find creators in your community here.