Schedule your social media content with ease!

Let’s face it, creating content on social media can be time-consuming, frustrating, and overall, exhausting. It can be hard to come up with ideas for content that promotes your community, and especially hard to find great photos that will engage your audience when you want to use those great ideas!

That’s where Shrpa comes in. We make it easier & quicker to share amazing content that engages your audience and highlights the best parts of your community. So why work harder than you have to?

How to share your adventure on social media:

Highlight the local businesses and locations in your Shrpa adventures on social media! In just a few clicks, get all the details you need to create a great post on your marketing channels for a single stop in an adventure. Here’s how:

1. Click into the adventure you want to share and click the “Share this stop” button

2. Easily, download any photo you want to use by clicking the download button in the corner of each photo.

3. Spend less time writing a caption and use what’s already been written! Copy the description of the stop to use in your caption by clicking the copy button.

4. Tag the creator in your post so they can share it with their audience as well! Find links to their social media accounts, and copy them directly.

5. Want to link to your Shrpa community page or the adventure in the post? Copy the links from the top!

User-generated content connects best with audiences, and Shrpa makes it easy to share all the great content that’s been created in your community. Try it out for yourself!