You’ve finished your collaboration -
Now what!?

How to use your collab content:

Share it on social media!

This is the easiest way to maximize your collaboration content and share how incredible your destination is from an outside perspective.

UGC posts get 28% higher engagement on social media. (SocialToaster)

Here's how you can share your collaboration on social media.

Talk up your creator’s experience. Share how this collab went and how much fun it was to work with your creator! Everyone love seeing your destinations hospitality and other people enjoying themselves in your destination.

Turn it into a reel/TikTok. 56% of consumers say UGC photos and videos are the content they most want to see from brands. (Stackla) Take the videos & photos your creator uploaded and creator a fun reel showing off your destination!

Use the Share This Stop feature. We make it easy to promote the local businesses in your destination on social media.

Adventures make great shareable content. Who doesn’t love good itinerary inspo? Easily share the link to your adventure, or post the great photos from your creator and talk about the different stops & businesses highlighted within the adventure.

Spotlight a great photo/video. Did the creator take a cool photo that caught your eye? Describe it in chat.openai.com and build a cool post!

Integrate an Adventure Wall on your website.

Have a specific section of your website where your adventures belong? Itineraries make for great inspiration content that turn clicks into visits!

Create a photo wall.

Using your new incredible UGC photos, add them to a photo wall to add more stunning UGC visuals to your website

Visitors to websites that include UGC galleries spend 90% more time on the site. (Salesforce)

Where does your marketing need a content refresh?

Shrpa content is great for...

  • Visitor Guides
  • Email Newsletters
  • Print Media
  • Website Images
  • Press Releases

Use your collab content on your marketing channels!