Get the Content You Need to Deliver More Travelers

What’s Included


Quickly & easily connect with regional travel content creators through collaborations.

  • Collaborate in minutes
  • Connect with 300+ creators
  • Build a library of authentic user generated content

Photo Walls

Inspire your visitors with amazing photos and videos displayed on your website.

  • Easily copy & paste code to add stunning visuals to your website in seconds
  • Personalize your photo walls to fit your branding
  • 90% increase in time spent on websites that include UGC (Digital Information World)

Adventure Walls

Turn website visitors into overnight stays with adventures added in just a few clicks.

  • Easily integrate interactive itineraries on your website with the user-friendly widget
  • Inspire travelers to explore your destination by linking directly to your adventures from your website

Community Upload Pages

Members of your audience can upload photos directly to your content library.

  • Automatically obtain usage rights to all uploaded photos and videos
  • Engage with your community through fun photo contests

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Is there a cost for travelers to use these adventures to explore?

No. It is free for the traveler!

Is there an app for this?

No. There is no need to download an app; this works seamlessly on a mobile or desktop experience.


Who can create adventures?

Anyone! We make it easy for anyone to share what they love about the destinations they explore.

How much does it cost to create an adventure?

Nothing! It is free for anyone to create adventures on Shrpa.

How do you select creators to become paid creators for collaborations?

We don’t. We think that it is important to open our platform to people with different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives! We don’t think the # of followers on XYZ social media platform is a good indicator of the quality of content someone can create.

Once creators build up enough content to provide a good portfolio, they can access the collaboration platform.

What if someone creates something we don’t like?

We do have an editorial process in place to mitigate inappropriate content. In addition, every community has full control over what content they want highlighted for their community.


Do we really have the rights to all of the content in our area?

Yes! As the content platform, rights to the content is part of your subscription.

What happens to the content if we don’t renew?

It is always available for people to discover. You lose access to any of the website upgrades and the content rights for any organic content. You always have the rights to the content created as part of your collaborations.


How much work are collaborations?

Most of our communities put ~ 2 hours of work into each collaboration. That’s 2 hours of work for 4 adventures and usually around 100 authentic photos and videos.

How do we find the right creator for a collaboration?

When you fill out the request for the collaboration, you will receive applications from everyone interested in the collab. Then you just need to look at their application and select the best fit.

Are there any additional costs for a collaboration?

Nothing required.

However, if you have any big-ticket items, we ask that you work with the businesses to ensure those costs are covered. In addition, you may want to work with area lodging to cover their hotel costs.