How to get your community members excited to upload photos

How can your own community members help drive tourism? Invite your community to be the storytellers for your destination! Use Community Uploads to inspire your audience to share their content.


Here are some ideas for engaging with your community and utilizing this photo uploads feature.


1. Host a photo contest

Hold a contest that gives members of your community a chance to share some of their fun photos. Whether you incorporate a prize, or just make it friendly competition, hosting a contest allows more people to share their fun moments in your destination for a fun reason.

2. Add an upload link to your email newsletters, website, or social media

It doesn't have to be a big ask or flashy event. Making the upload link visible and accessible can be enough for the champions in your community to get excited to add their content! 

3. Highlight a “photo of the week”

In your weekly newsletter or monthly update, start incorporating content from members of your community! As a community member, it’s fun to see your own content featured by your community. 

4. Use QR codes to collect visuals on-the-go and at events.

Make it easy for people to upload their content in the moment! Post QR codes at local events, and make them accessible at in-network businesses for people who are exploring your destination. 

5. Host a scavenger hunt

Add prizes or incentives for visiting different locations in your community and snapping a fun picture! This allows you to guide people to explore the best spots in your destination while creating content in the specific places you want to feature. 

6. Create a hashtag that supports your local businesses

Using a catchy hashtag is a fun way to encourage community members to take pictures in your destination to share. Focus on how this hashtag can promote status for those using it. For example, #supportlocal or #hike(community name).