Kelli (@awaywego.family) shared her secrets to successful collaborations with us!

Kelli joined Shrpa in March of 2021 and has done 13 collaborations in the last year and a half. Having done the most collaborations in our network of creators, Kelli shared her insider secrets on how she applies and prepares for collaborations with Shrpa destinations.


4 of Kelli’s tips for applying for collaborations:

1. Gravitate towards collaborations you’re interested in that include activities you’re excited about. Your excitement will shine through and help you stand out. Not every collab may be a good fit, and that’s okay! Find the collabs that fit your interests and abilities.

2. When you pitch yourself, don’t just talk about how excited you are to collaborate – let the destination know how you can help them. Help the destination understand why picking you is the best choice above everyone else. With over 400 creators on the platform, and multiple creators applying for each collab, it can be important to find ways to make yourself stand out.

3. Research the community to see what content they’re lacking and how you can fill in the gaps. This can help solidify why you’re a great fit to work with! Give the destination an idea of what you can bring to the table.

Kelli likes finding the communities that don’t have a lot of family content and pitching to them why she’s perfect for a collaboration. It helps her stand out and allows the destination to understand the value she can provide them!

4. Everyone has their own style, so do what feels right when applying! At the end of the day, you know yourself and your content best. So be true to yourself!

Once you’ve been chosen for a collaboration, it can be scary to start the planning process. Kelli has 13 collabs and counting under her belt and has lots of insider knowledge on how best to prepare for a successful experience.

How Kelli prepares for a collab:

1. First and foremost, start by making a list of the activities the destination requires. Then, start researching the other fun things to do in town based on the goal and theme of the collab. Shrpa collaborations are a combination of activities & locations the destination wants you to feature and what you are interested in doing during your visit!

2. Check out the community’s current Shrpa adventures to try and do something different. Most Shrpa communities are doing more than one collaboration. Make sure to change it up a little! Destinations want a variety of fresh content, so try to think outside the box.

3. From the list of locations you plan to visit, look up their hours online as sometimes places are closed and can ruin your plans. Nothing is worse than planning to stop somewhere on your last day in town and finding out it’s closed. Businesses have odd hours sometimes. Make sure you plan accordingly so you don’t miss out on any of the fun!

4. Then, draft up an itinerary and loosely plan when you’ll visit each place. Kelli travels with kids; therefore, her focus is on “snacks and emotions” when she’s on the go. She recommends making it easier on yourself by coming in with a game plan.


5. If you can, take short notes at each stop to help refresh your memory for when you go home to write. From the moment you’ve visited a location to the time you are creating your content, you can forget details of your experience. Keep it all top of mind by taking notes to review while you create!

6. Always connect with the destination’s contact. Not only to coordinate all the details but to establish a relationship that goes beyond your Shrpa collaboration! There might be additional opportunities to work with the destination in the future! Be sure to establish a relationship with each of your destinations to grow your network as a content creator.

For content creators like Kelli and those looking to grow their experience with collaborations, Shrpa is a tool to start connecting with destinations you want to work with in your region! You can start here.

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