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Travel to new communities you’ve never been to! Unlock new experiences you otherwise never would have had.

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Create amazing adventures and gain access to collaborations with communities across the region. Read more about how we work with paid content creators below.

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Expand your reach and unlock a new network of travel content creators and local communities.

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Improve upon the quality of your content by creating adventures that are fun, and easy to follow along with!

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We keep the process simple, so you can focus on creating the most engaging content! Join the Shrpa Creator Network to discover the collaborations in your area!

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1: Create an account

Login to Shrpa and complete your profile.

2: Create an adventure!

Create an engaging travel experience in just a matter of clicks.

3: Create 4 adventures to complete your portfolio.

Allow both communities and travelers to discover your unique style by filling out your profile and creating a complete portfolio!

A complete portfolio includes a few collaboration-specific details about yourself and 4 completed itineraries.

4: Apply to collaborate with communities!

Now that you have created your own unique profile, it is time to start reaching out to communities! Shrpa simplifies the process of connecting with communities by allowing creators to apply for the collaborations they are interested in.

Examples of amazing adventures!


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Shrpa is passionate about opening up opportunities for creators to share what makes communities everywhere unique. We want to inspire travel to small towns, big cities, and everywhere in between. We believe in the power of sharing authentic experiences from a diverse community.

If that interests you, we would love to have you join us.