Creator Invite Flow

How to invite a community member to create on Shrpa.

Engage your community!
Invite members of your community to create adventures on shrpa.com!

Step 1: Creator receives your email

If the invited creator doesn’t respond you can send them a follow up email.

Step 2: The email will directly invite Creators to a landing page with more details.

This landing page walks the invited creators through “What is Shrpa?” as well as the next steps for joining, and insight on how to create adventures on Shrpa.

Step 3: The invited Creator logs in.

The Creator can also reference this landing page to understand what goes into a good adventure: 

Step 4: The Creator now creates their first adventure!

After their first publish of an adventure, the Creator will see this message pop up on their screen letting them know their adventure will be approved first. After their first publish, Creators will be allowed to publish on their own.

Step 5: The Creator will receive an email thanking them.

Adventure awaits!