How to stand out to communities wanting to collaborate

With over 100 creators on Shrpa, it can be important to find ways to stand out to communities that you want to work with. These tips were put together from a combination of research with our partner communities and observation.

Here are some of the best tips to stand out in the crowd:

Be yourself. And be yourself LOUDLY.

We asked our communities out of 8 qualities, which is the most important when selecting a creator to work with. The top answer we recieved was 42% of our communities believe that the overall personality and feel of the adventures are what matters to them most. When communities are looking to select the creator they want to work with, they want to see that your adventures have personality, quirk, and your voice shining through. As a user-generated content platform, speaking to travelers as a real person is huge when trying to relate to a target audience. So be your quirky self through the writing and photos in all of the adventures that you create.

Communities want to work with you because of your niche audience.

If you create content for families, outdoorsy people, foodies, or any niche group, communities are looking to reach your specific audience! Be clear about who your main audience is and create the type of adventures they would enjoy! 26.3% of our communities look primarily for a creator that has similar interests to the themes of the collaboration they are creating. Creating content on your profile that targets your main audience will help you stand out to communities who are looking for your perspective.

Take engaging photos.

Having great photos can help make your adventures stand out. Communities want to work with creators who not only stand out to them, but who will create content that will stand out to travelers. Focus on taking great photos of each stop and learn simple editing techniques to add brightness, color, and some style to each image. You can even improve these skills by checking out affordable and manageable online courses to learn the basics of photography. Udemy offers great photography courses that can help improve your skills in only 1 hour.

Make your profile look on point.

Having a thorough profile that looks engaging, stylized, and professional is a great way to stand out to communities that are searching for creators. As we all know, first impressions are huge, so pay attention to the way your profile looks upon the first click. Having a great profile pic, bio, and a good selection of adventures to browse through can be important in attracting communities.

Be a good communicator.

DMO’s are busy people, so being good at communicating and responding quickly makes it much easier for communities doing collaborations. When you’re invited to a collaboration, being the first one to respond, or responding quickly will help you stick out to the community as someone who is 1) very excited for the collaboration and 2) someone who they trust will be good at getting back to them. Once you are selected for a collaboration, being responsive and good at communicating the details can make the coordination process much easier. Some communities may promote your work on their channels and rave about you. Others may want to work with you again. Being good at communicating is a huge factor in if communities want to work with you again.