How to create video destinations will love

Destinations love video. As video marketing is on the rise in the tourism industry, content creators play an important role in creating the User Generated Content video that is so valuable to communities.

Video is more than just pointing a camera and clicking a button. How can you create videos that destinations will love and want to share? Here are some of the tips we have to help you make the most out of video on Shrpa.

1. Capture lots of variety.

Communities are looking for a variety of content, from videos that include travelers enjoying themselves to cool views that scan the scenery or the location. Include different subjects, and try to get creative with the way you capture a location.

Think about: What different angles can capture of the location in a video? Do you have a good mix of people in your video, as well as shots of just the location?


Inside the location

People on your adventure

2. Record with the audience in mind.

If you’re collaborating with a destination, you’re not only creating content for your audience, you’re also creating for the destination and the travelers in their audience. 

Think about: What type of video is going to resonate best? What do destinations want to share with their travelers most?

3. Upload a combo of raw footage and edited video.

Destinations will want see how you can capture a location in a variety of ways. From short, unedited clips that highlight a specific experience, to longer, ready-to-post videos that recap an adventure, communities want to see what you can do!

Think about: How will the destination want to share your content? Will they enjoy raw footage to use creatively, or does the destination want ready-to-post content? Give them both!

Examples from Aleksandra:

Raw Footage