How to create an adventure

How to create an adventure on Shrpa:

We work really hard to make sure creating your adventures….isn’t! Everyone loves sharing stories about the last place they visited! That’s exactly what we want you to do on Shrpa.

What is an adventure?

Itineraries. Itineraries are kind of boring though…and Shrpa adventures aren’t! We’re all about mixing both inspiration and information.

Each adventure includes:

  • Photos – We want to see what we can expect
  • Descriptions – Give us more detail, both for each stop and the entire adventure
  • Stops – At least 3, but it could be as many as 7
  • What to bring – Help fellow travelers pack accordingly

How do I create one?

Been somewhere recently? Had a couple of adventures that would have been a great combo trip? Shrpa is all about taking those experiences you’ve had in the past and using that experience to help the next person!

Engage the travelers

  • Make your adventure stand out with a high-quality cover photo.
  • Brainstorm a fun and unique adventure title.
  • Add your own personal touch in your writing style. Make it fun!

Fill in the details

  • Tell explorers what your experience was like in detail.
  • Give us an idea of what you saw, ate, experienced, and enjoyed about your trip! Be the tour guide.

Photos, photos, photos

  • You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take engaging photos! 
  • Add at least one photo per stop to help the traveler get a sense of what makes your adventure FUN!

Add a pro-tip!

  • Pro-tips can help you highlight the most important bit of information you want the traveler to know.
  • Or it can be a fun suggestion! (ex: “Ask about the secret menu!!”)

Examples of great adventures:


But I’ve got a few questions….

Where can I create my adventures? Do I have to stay within a certain region?

You can create an adventure anywhere! Just remember that your adventures and portfolio is a community’s first impression of you as a creator – so show us where you like to explore!

Can I use my past travels to create adventures?

Yes, please! Show us some of the places you’ve traveled to. Pull from past blogs or social media posts.

Can I use reuse content from my blog or other platforms?

Yes! You are more than welcome to reuse the same content and multiple platforms.

What are the limits?

Every adventure on Shrpa is between two and seven stops.

At least two, because we want this to be a full experience. This isn’t a rating site; this is all about providing a great experience!

No more than seven, because we’re trying to keep it to a day trip at max‚Ķ.and because we had to draw the line somewhere!

What if someone already created one for that really cool new restaurant in town?

Everyone has their own unique favorite local spots that they love and their own unique perspective! We love to have creators sharing hidden gems no matter where they are or their vicinity to others.

Can I edit my adventures after I publish?

Definitely! On shrpa.com click the “create” tab.

More Questions?

Check out our FAQ.