How @awaywego.family has collaborated with 13 destinations across the Midwest on Shrpa!

“It bridges the gap between [creators] and the community… Shrpa really is that middle person that allows you that instant contact to those communities and access to a simpler way to [collaborate].”

-Kelli with @awaywego.family

Kelli Goodson with @awaywego.family has been working with Shrpa for the last year and a half and has completed 13 collaborations with destinations across the Midwest! So we wanted to pick her brain to find out just what it’s like to be a creator on Shrpa and get some insider tips on being a successful collaborator.

From enjoying a day on the lake in small towns like Scandia, Minnesota, to spending a weekend in larger destinations like Mall of America and Travel Dubuque, this Minnesota family creator has gotten a taste of a little bit of everything during her collaborations.

“Our first collaboration was so special and exciting. In Preston, [Minnesota], we went fly fishing which is something we never would have done on our own…  I got to explore areas that are so close to me and do things that I wouldn’t have done before.”

Kelli’s finding collaborations that fit her niche.

Because Kelli has lots of family-focused content, she connected with over 12 destinations wanting to feature the family experience. When applying for collaboration opportunities nearby, creators can see the type of content and activities the community wants to feature. Kelli enjoys being able to apply for the specific collaborations that interest her and fit her style of content.

“If you develop a niche, Shrpa allows you to apply for those types of collabs or similar ones and get accepted.”

She’s connecting with more destinations without all the hassle. 

Kelli saves time by eliminating the stress and effort of cold calling and pitching communities. With over 100 destinations on Shrpa, creators have access to a network of destinations that are already looking to collaborate. She no longer has to put as much time and effort into drafting proposals and negotiating agreements. Shrpa’s streamlined process makes it easier and quicker for everyone to collaborate!

“Normally, to pitch a community, you have to go directly to them to find the information and go through a whole process. Whereas Shrpa is that middle person that allows you that instant contact to those communities and access to a simpler way to collaborate.”

Kelli makes collaborations work within her schedule.

As a busy mom of two, Kelli has a lot on her schedule, and as with many creators, finding the time to collaborate can be difficult. On Shrpa, she can apply for any collaboration that fits within her calendar and pass on the ones that don’t. 

“You can see if anyone wants to work with you when you are available. There’s really no disadvantage if you’re in a busy season of life. Shrpa puts you in control of being able to space out when you’re trying to collaborate and when it may not be a great time.”

Since working with Shrpa, Kelli’s gotten increased exposure through the platform.

Shrpa collaborations are more than just what you’re sharing with your own audience – the destination you’re collaborating with, and Shrpa want to share your content as well! Start introducing your content to new audiences through a new platform.

“I think the biggest thing is increased exposure. When Shrpa features something on their Instagram or even something within the site, it gets shown to people who may not be a follower of ours or have seen us before. Also, when communities share our Instagram stories or content on their page, it’s especially helpful for local people who may want to follow other families.”

Check out some of Kelli’s incredible collaborations!

“We’ve truly loved all of our collabs, and each one has had something that we’ve really enjoyed doing!”

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