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Custom Hotel Page

  • Highlight all of the adventures in your area with your customizable hotel page on Shrpa.com.
  • Feature the experiences that make your community unique and memorable.

Initial Content

  • Have amazing adventures created by our top content creators!
  • To kick things off, our content creators will travel to your hotel and spend the weekend creating 8 amazing adventures for your community.


  • Feature experiences and things to do that are specific to your hotel.
  • Customize the content that you feature and display.
  • Add a variety of experiences that your staff wants to highlight!


  • Extend your concierge experience into full experiences you can provide to your guests.
  • Meet your guests where they are!  Simple QR codes can provide guests with an easy way to find experiences whether they are in your room, in the elevator, or even right at check-in.


  • Share adventures through emails or simply share them to guest’s phones via text.
  • Extend your reach outside the walls! Send guests on experiences brought to them by your hotel location.

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