Finding Creators in your Community

Finding Creators in your Community

Tips for helping you identify the best people to create great adventures in your community.

Look through your contacts

  • Reach out your adventurous friends.

Think of the friends you always go to first for restaurant recommendations, or the ones always spending their weekends hiking somewhere new. Reach out to these people first, because they definitely have a love for your community!

  • Think about your connections on social media.

Scroll through social media and see which of your friends seem to spend the most time posting places within your community. These people are great to reach out to because they’re already creating online content.

  • Check out your personal contact lists or email lists.

Are there any people that you know that seem really well connected around your town, and who would be interested in sharing their firsthand knowledge/secret gems of your town on Shrpa?

Utilize people around your community:

  • Talk to community clubs and organizations.

Check out different Facebook pages and groups in your town (group interests can include: hiking, biking, running, moms groups, outdoor adventure organizations, farmer’s market groups, etc.)

  • Use your connections with local business, restaurant, or coffee shop owners.

They may be interested in promoting their own businesses through Shrpa’s adventures, and making their business a stop on an itinerary. 

  • Bartenders/Servers/Baristas

These people are very social and involved within the community. They may be interested in showing it off on shpra.com, or at least would know some other people who would be interested.

On social media:

  • Search names/locations of restaurants or popular locations in your area.

See what pictures come up at these locations .The people posting these pictures are already visiting places in your community and creating content, making them perfect potential creators for Shrpa!

  • Search relevant hashtags related to your community.

See which accounts post content that promotes local businesses, restaurants and adventures! Ex:

  • #explore(your city’s name here)
  • #travel(your city’s name here)
  • #(your city’s name here)

How to tell people about Shrpa

Share with your community members how Shrpa is a platform that is all about helping people findcreate, and share day-trip adventures.

  • Find – through personalized, multi-stop itineraries that we call adventures, people can find fun things to do near them. 
  • Create – We want to feature everything from local restaurants & hidden gems to outdoor recreation (hiking, biking, skiing, kayaking, and so much more)!
  • Share – Great for those looking to explore their own community, as well as bring new travelers into your community. Shrpa helps people discover the best parts of their community that they maybe didn’t know about!