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Creator Collaboration Expectations

What are the expectations for Shrpa collaborations?

By accepting a collaboration, you agree to the following:

  • Create 4 adventures on Shrpa featuring the 10 or more locations visited.

  • Average 2+ photos/videos per stop and 10+ photos per adventure

  • Each adventure will have 3 or more stops and ~3 descriptive sentences per stop.

  • Create these adventures on Shrpa within 10 days after the visit.

  • Make at least 1 post on your social media platform of choice, tagging Shrpa and the destination

Payment Policy

Shrpa's payment rate is determined by the number of collaborations you've completed. The more collaborations you participate in, the higher your rate.


All collaborations include a comped overnight stay, and some destinations may offer complimentary dining, passes, and other perks!


1st Collaboration


2nd-4th Collaborations


5th-7th Collaborations


8+ Collaborations

*Shrpa will add $150 to your payment to cover a 1-night stay if the destination can't cover lodging.

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