Adventure for Collaborations

Creating quality adventures for collaborations.

Create top-notch adventures to highlight the best in every Shrpa community!

Shrpa’s Expectations

Our goal is to provide Shrpa communities with top-notch, quality adventures that engage travelers.  Here are a few expectations to keep in mind as you experience a community and create Shrpa adventures. We want our creators to design great content and have a blast experiencing every community!


  • Create 4 adventures on Shrpa, featuring a total of 10 or more locations.
  • Average 2 or more photos and ~3 descriptive sentences per stop.
  • Each adventure should have 3 or more stops.
  • Create these adventures on Shrpa within 10 days of the visit.
  • Make at least 1 post on your social media platform of choice, tagging Shrpa and the community (if they have a social media account)
📷 Quality Photos are Key
  • All collaborative adventures require a minimum of 1 photo per stop.
  • Take photos that reflect what the location looks and feels like
🔎 Write Detailed Descriptions
  • Provide good details about what you saw, ate, experienced, and enjoyed about your trip! 
  • Aim for about a paragraph (3-4 sentences) or more of description
🕒 Use a Variety of Time Frames
  • Create adventures with a variety of “half day,” “full day,” or “few hours” time frames
  • Break your experience up for other travelers to explore realistically 
  • do not create 2-stop adventures, aim for 3-7 stops to create a real experience
💡 Add the extra details!
  • Pro-tips can help you highlight the most important bit of information you want the traveler to know. Or it can be a fun suggestion!
  • Come up with a fun, engaging title to make your adventure stand out among the rest.
  • Add the seasonality to your itinerary to share the best time to go on your adventure.
✍️ Things to note
  • 1 stop can be used in multiple adventures – we understand it’s hard to fit 4 adventures into a weekend, don’t be afraid to reuse your locations.
  • Refrain from creating lists – don’t make a “best of…” list, instead, create singular adventures with multiple unique stops. Build a personalized itinerary that take travelers on a journey! 
  • Your hotel can be included as a stop – highlight where you stayed and promote that as part of an adventure.
  • Visit an upwards of 10 locations – to ensure your adventures have enough locations to promote, try to see and do the most in each community.

Examples of Quality Adventures:


Are you ready to create?