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Creating Adventures

Best practices for creating stunning adventures destinations will love!

3 key elements of a good adventure:

Use Lots of Great Photos!

Communities looking to collaborate with you want to see your photography skills. Share a bunch of your stunning pictures in your adventures to show how well  you're capable of capturing a location!

Write Detailed Descriptions

Similar to photography, communities want to get a sense of your writing style. Write detailed descriptions to provide the right context to travelers, as well as to show destinations how well you write.

Add your personal touch!

Shrpa adventures are a more engaging version of an itinerary. By adding your personal experience to your adventures, destination will be more engaged with your content!

Communities want to understand your content style and adventure interests to determine if you're a good fit to work with!

How to Get Started

  1. Layout a travel experience with 3-7 locations in a destination.
  2. Upload the photos you have in those locations.
  3. Write a detailed description about your personal experience there and what other travelers should expect.
  4. Get creative and add a fun title, cover photos, and adventure summary!


It's that easy!

Examples of Great Adventures

Ready to get started?