Content to share on all channels

Create content to share on all of your channels

Share engaging itineraries on your website, social media, or wherever your audience is!

Obtain the rights to all content created in your community

As a Shrpa community, you own the content rights for all adventures that are created in your region! That means all photos and text from Shrpa can be used freely on any of your communication channels (just be sure to give credit!).

Integrate adventures onto your organization’s website

Increase engagement on your organization’s website! Feature your Shrpa adventures directly on your site with a couple of clicks. Integrating adventures is easy to set up and increases interaction with your website!

Share your adventures on social media quickly & easily

Shrpa adventures make great social media content! Share adventures to your social media by posting a link, or quickly and easily download the user-generated photos.

Personalized QR codes allow explorers to access your adventures wherever they are

Access personalized QR codes that keep travelers within your community page as they browse around Shrpa. QR codes are great for engaging travelers in person and sharing your adventures with them in the moment.

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