Community Uploads – the easiest way to collect visuals from your community.

Destination marketing is driven by visuals, and DMOs can never have a big enough content library. 

Collect Visuals with Community Uploads

Make it easy for your audiences to upload photos & videos directly to your UGC library. Using a personalized link, invite community members, photographers, content creators, and team members to upload content that you have usage rights to.

Build your UGC library with diverse content from a local perspective.

If you’ve done collaborations on Shrpa, you’ve gotten photos from content creators, but we want to help you tap into the local perspective! Build your library of user generated content using the people who know and love your community best, and add some diversity to your materials.

Use this content on any of your marketing channels by automatically getting usage rights.

When your audience uploads their photos, you will automatically get the usage rights to use that content on any of your marketing channels. No longer worry about asking for permission – we’ve already done it! Keep track of it all in one place from the Shrpa dashboard.

How to use Community Uploads?

  1. Host a photo/video contest with your community. Contents are a fun and easy way to engage with your community while getting specific content to use on your next marketing campaign. (Ex: “Upload your winter wonderland photos for a chance to win!”)

  2. Add a link to your website, email newsletters, & social media. Ask your audience where you talk to them most. Make the link accessible to those who support your community.

  3. Get content from visitors on the go with a QR code. Make it easy for visitors to add their fun photos and videos in person! Add a QR code to prime locations and post it at your events for great content.

  4. Encourage your team members to upload their content. Whether it be people in your organization, professionals, or creatives that you’ve worked with, as your superfans, make it easy for them to directly upload their content!

Check out this blog post for more ideas on how to use Community Uploads in your destination.

Try out community uploads for yourself! Check it out on your Shrpa dashboard here, and start sending out your link. Want to learn how this feature works on Shrpa? Everything you need to know here.