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Shrpa Collaborations are fun & easy to set up!

Find the best content creators and set up collaborations in just a few clicks!

Step 1: Provide the details for your collab

Fill out what content you're looking for in your destination. Shrpa helps you think through your target audience, the best season for your collab, the themes you want to cover, which attractions you want to highlight, and so much more.

Step 2: Post your collab to notify the creators in your region!

Once you've filled out the details and posted your collab, creators in your region will be notified of the opportunity to work with you! The application is open to creators for 7 days, or for as long as you would like to wait before making your selection.

Step 3: From your applicants, choose the creator you want to work with.

After 7 days, creators who are interested and available for your collaboration have appied for your collab. Review their information and portfolio to make your selection as to who the best choice is for your collaboration!

Step 4: Finalize the details

Get in touch with your creator via the platform to discuss the details of the collaboration. Once it's all been coordinated, fill out the lodging and comped activities information. If you aren't covering anything for the creator, everything should be ready for your visit! Be sure to communicate with the creator once everything is good to go.

Step 5: Review your content and provide feedback

Once you’ve finalized the details, the only thing left for you to do is wait until the adventures are created! Once the creator has completed their deliverables, you will be asked to review and provide feedback as necessary so the creator can make your corrections. Then, let us know what your experience was like!

Step 6: Share your new content everywhere!

  • Share your photos, videos, adventures, & creator's experiences on social media!
  • Create an Adventure Wall & Photo Wall to add to your website
  • Use your incredible content on all your marketing channels, including - print media, email newsletters, website content, etc.

And that’s it!

No need to negotiate prices, fill out complicated agreements, or deal with the hassle of tax documents.
Collaborations should be fun and with Shrpa, they are!

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Set up a collab in under 30 minutes!

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