Collboration Credits

*Collaboration Credits are currently not in use*

Get prioritized for your ideal communities!

Highlight your profile to the communities you want to work with!

Get more collaborations with the communities you want to work with!

Use collab credits to highlight your profile to your ideal communities. Now you can stand out and land more collaborations you want!

How it works:

Explore the complete list of upcoming collaborations and prioritize yourself for your favorite!

Prioritized creators will be highlighted at the top of the list as communities plan their collaborations!

Want More?!

We are always working to reward the most engaged creators that are providing exceptional value to both our communities and other creators in our network.

Create more adventures!

For each adventure that you’ve created outside of a collaboration, you will earn two credits to prioritize yourself.

…more ways?

We would love to hear your ideas as well! How can we continue to provide more value to all of our creators and communities?

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