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Hear from other creators

We love working with Shrpa as an addition to our family travels! It has been a wonderful way to explore new (to us) places that we may never have experienced otherwise. We enjoy finding new family-friendly gems, meeting local business owners, and working with community reps. One of my favorite parts of family Shrpa trips (our young kids are usually along for the adventure!) is that with each community we visit, we're all discovering something new together.

Lisa NgoLisa Ngo@littlenorthlandexplorers

We love that Shrpa takes us to new communities throughout Minnesota that we may not have originally heard of or originally thought of as a destination. So far we’ve had a blast on every trip and have had so much fun challenging ourselves to make the most of every adventure.

Becca & RaeBecca & Rae@somewhere_in_sota

We love being a Shrpa Creator!  They are amazing to work with & have connected us with communities we had never thought to visit before.  We’ve had such a great time on all our adventures: exploring the outdoors, discovering new places to eat/drink, and learning more about the area & what makes them unique!

Jess & JakeJess & Jake@ilovebeerfromhere.travels.mn

I would have never gone to the community if it wasn’t for Shrpa. I went to a lot of new places and had so much fun in the process!


I have explored communities I may have otherwise just drove through, so it's been wonderful to stop and enjoy the unique things each has to offer!

Amanda JonesAmanda Jones@wayfaringmandy

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