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Becoming a Paid Creator on Shrpa

 Easily connect with local communities through collaborations.

What is Shrpa?

Discover Adventures

Discover the best adventures in local communities including places to dine, hike, and explore. Get inspiration for your own travels!

Share Travel Inspiration

Share your favorite travel and adventure experiences! We want to promote the best local businesses that show off each community’s personality.

Collaborate with Communities

Being a creator on Shrpa means you have access to over 160 collaborations with over 60 communities. Join today and start collaborating!




We want to collaborate with YOU!

Shrpa works closely with communities around the region to bring them great, quality adventures promoting their area. We are looking for amazing content creators who want to explore these communities and design personalized adventures for travelers and local residents alike!

Becoming a paid creator is easy! All you have to do is create 4 adventures on Shrpa and you’re ready to collaborate with communities.

Why become a paid creator on Shrpa?

Access collaborations with communities

Create amazing adventures and gain access to collaborations with communities across the region. Read more about how we work with paid content creators below

Expand your adventure opportunities

Travel to new communities you’ve never been to! With Shrpa, you can get paid for the adventures you are already taking.

Grow your network

Expand your reach and unlock a bigger network of communities & tourism bureaus as well as travel content creators.

Improve your content quality

Create adventures that are fun and engaging! Add these collaborations to your portfolio and media kit.

“How do I become a paid creator?”

Login to Shrpa

Use your gmail, facebook, or email create an account and explore the site!

Create 4 Adventures

Build a portfolio of 4 adventures so that the communities can evaluate if they want to work with you.

Accept Invites

Communities invite creators to collaborate. Keep an eye on your email for these notifications!

Want to know more about becoming a creator or paid collaborator on Shrpa?

Drop your contact info and we will get in touch with more information!