Arkansas Tourism Partners with Shrpa to Multiply Local Marketing Efforts!

Rochester, Minnesota -June 1 – Arkansas Tourism is partnering with Shrpa in a co-op discount program to create targeted user-generated content throughout Arkansas. Shrpa’s platform enables DMOs to collaborate with content creators to build targeted user-generated content in the form of engaging itineraries that promote their local area. 

Arkansas Tourism understands the value of how diverse perspectives can inspire travel throughout their beautiful state. By offering a discount on Shrpa, Arkansas communities will be able to expand their reach and impact through targeted user-generated content. An essential aspect of strengthening their statewide tourism industry. 

“Working with Arkansas Tourism enables us to reach more communities throughout their beautiful state,” Shrpa Cofounder Chris Lukenbill states. “With so many great things happening in Arkansas, it’s important for these local communities to utilize targeted user-generated content to connect with their travelers.”

Welcoming the new partnership, the Marketing & Development Manager, Jessica Frahm noted, “We strive to provide value to our partner communities as they welcome visitors to The Natural State. This Shrpa program will give each community the ability to easily create custom itineraries, promote unique offerings in their destination, and encourage visitor exploration.”

Following Explore Minnesota’s most successful digital marketing co-op two years in a row, Shrpa is now working with over 75 communities across 5 Midwest states. Shrpa is excited to explore this partnership with Arkansas to help more communities promote the natural beauty and adventure opportunities throughout Arkansas to draw more travelers to the state.

About Shrpa: Shrpa is the online platform destination marketing organizations (DMOs) utilize to create targeted user-generated content. Shrpa connects DMOs with regional content creators and local community members to create more diverse and authentic content they use in all of their marketing channels. Learn more at shrpa.com or @tryshrpa on social media.

About Arkansas Tourism: Arkansas Tourism, a division of the Arkansas Department of Parks, Heritage and Tourism, strives to expand the economic impact of travel and tourism in the state and enhance the quality of life for all Arkansans. The division manages 14 Arkansas Welcome Centers and employs more than 60 staff members across The Natural State. For more information, visit www.arkansas.com.