Shrpa Celebrates 100 Destinations!

What started as a few adventures written out in a google form has now become the fastest-growing DMO content creation platform in the tourism industry. Today Shrpa celebrates the milestone of 100 destinations using the platform!

In just under 2-years, Shrpa is making it easier for communities across 6 Midwest states to get the user-generated content they want. By working with 250+ content creators and completing over 140 collaborations on the platform in under 2 years, we have streamlined the collaboration process, making it quick and easy to get fresh, new UGC that highlights local communities. 

100 down, 100’s to go!

Shrpa is growing with no plan of stopping. As the most successful Digital Marketing Co-Op with Explore Minnesota in 2021/2022, Shrpa worked with 50 new MN communities and started growing into Wisconsin. A partnership with Arkansas Tourism has allowed us to take what we’ve learned up North and replicate it in #TheNaturalState.

While partnerships have been fruitful in reaching new communities, Shrpa continues to push into other Midwestern states, including Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, and Missouri. As the Shrpa communities broaden and spread across more of the US, we’re also excited to grow our network of creators. Building a solid Shrpa network of content creators and destinations across the country creates more opportunities for everyone.


Thank you!

We’re excited to bring our 100 destinations and 250+ creators alongside us as this platform grows and learns how to improve collaborations in the tourism industry. Whether you’ve joined the Shrpa community recently or been on the platform from the start, we’re excited to continue to grow and #ExploreLocal with you! Happy Exploring!

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